About Ken James

You are my why…

I started Ken James Realty, named after my father, in 2014 with the knowledge that 99.99% of real estate brokerages were severely underserving sellers and buyers of real estate.  

I saw the level of expertise of the average agent and I was shocked – and seriously disappointed.  Real estate brokerages were failing clients and agents by not giving the agents the education they need to TRULY service the client.

I’ve dedicated the last 10 years of my life to educating agents on how to help clients just like you build wealth in real estate, negotiate the heck out of your next property purchase, and properly market your home for sale.  

I’m confident that one of our expert agents can show you what real service in the industry can look like and not leave you speechless but rather with one single word: “WOW”.

I want to thank you in advance for your trust and confidence in Ken James Realty.  It’s the single biggest compliment you can give me and the amazing agents that work here.


Karl Freund
CEO and Founder
Ken James 


We strongly believe in 3 core values.  They guide us with every single thing we do.

  1. FAITH